About Us

Company History

Betal Group was established in August 1999. in response to the related necessities in the field of Ship Building , Shipping, Offshore, Aviation and General industries ; Betal Group with its headquarter in Mumbai , India with state of the art facilities in Navi Mumbai and Nashik. Our activities cover the complete spectrum: supply, assembly, inspection and certification, repair information and training of Lifting Tools and Tackles and all kinds of Below The Hook Lifting Devices.

Our business focus is primarily in the fabrication and assembly of rigging and lifting accessories and products for supply to industries that range from onshore companies, crane manufacturers to heavy lift requirements for oil & gas.

Expanding on our core business, we have complemented it over the years with load testing lifting accessories and equipment, rental services for precision load cells of up to 250MT, weighing services, engineering design and fabrication works, and lifting plan management and consultation.

With our team of professionals forged with years of technical and hands on practical experience across the company, we are able to confidently synergise a complete solution for our Clients that will bring together cost benefits, reliability and quality in fast turnaround time frames.

We have created our presence locally and all to our Overseas Clients in the UAE , Europe and Russia.