Our Lifting Engineers are able to provide expert advice in all aspects of onshore and offshore lifting. we can also provide a custom designed and engineered lifting solution for all your lifting requirements ; BETAL Engineering offers engineering, inspection and certification services which includes 3D modelling with CAD, FEA & Analysis, On-Site Management

3D modelling has become an integral part of modern design. Mechanical models can be manipulated and modified with great ease compared to conventional trial and error methods of prototyping. BETAL offers 3D modelling services for both new and existing design problems. We can bring existing products into a 3D model interface (for reverse engineering, Part-to-CAD and digital database creation).

With SolidWorks modelling software, we are able to develop accurate design concepts. We work closely with customers to optimize designs and make changes before prototype production. 3D models allow us to draft 2D and 3D engineered working drawings and allows us to go through several design iteration before prototyping. Often, prototypes become the final production model with only minor or cosmetic changes

Engineering FEA & Analysis

Using the SolidWorks BETALhas the ability toanalyze almost any component in a large variety of situations. The analysis process starts with hand calculations of a simplified model, to determine feasibility of the design. From there, a computer model is generated of the component, and different scenarios are modeled and tested using FEA, Motion Analysis,The results from these analyses are then compared to the hand calculations for verification.