Load Cells

Betal maintains a huge stock of Load Cell both tension and Compression type for all types of Lifting and Testing Activities.

All equipment’s are calibrated as per industry standards.

Equipmentavailable for rent :

Load Cells Tension Type upto 250 Ton

Load Cells Compression Type upto 400 Ton

Why Rent

There are lots of reasons why renting equipment may be more practical for you and your company. Renting equipment as opposed to buying it can make things more efficient - Logistically and Financially.

  • No need to store equipment between jobs. Simply return the equipment to BETAL once the job is complete.
  • Renting equipment is a much faster and easier process than buying or financing new equipment. Betal has a sales team members and equipment standing by to help make sure that you get the right equipment you need as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Access to one of the largest rental fleets nationwide. With rentals there is no need to plan the job around the capabilities of the equipment you have, you can rent the correct equipment for each job.
  • No wasted time repairing, maintaining or shipping equipment. Delta Rigging & Tools handles all of this for you! We ensure all equipment has been maintained, tested, and certified to the proper standards.
  • Save time and money with repairs. If your equipment does break down in the field, you have the convenience of calling us for support or to repair and/or replace the equipment. This can help you decrease overall costs and especially costs due to down or lost time.