Load / Proof Load testing services for Al Types of Speical Purpose Tools :

BETAL has been providing proof load testing for various types of Special Built tools for various sectors ; we also provide Lifting Plan and Procedure to carry out particular load test ; few example of specialised tests are as below:

We have complete setup of load cells, dead weight, spreader bars and frames to conduct this along with hydraulic test bed as required.

Certifications – As Applicable

  • Load Test Certificate: We shall provide certificates under statutory provisions for the equipment’s passed in the testing process. under Provisions of Industrial Safety (Factories Act, 1948), Govt. of Maharashtra (Issuance of Form 11) or under Provisions 2(d) of Dock Worker’s (Safety, Health & Welfare) Regulations, 1990, Govt. of India. (Issuance of Form II, III, IV, VIII) As per your requirement for load test.
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection: Certification as per ASME Section V Article 7; by ASNT Level II Technician.
  • Visual Inspection Certificate: Certification by Qualified Inspection Engineer as per Inspection Schedule.